Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Little Tool Time

 This is something I bought myself on my birthday this year.  It is the new Martha Stewart Mini Score Board.  I love it because it is perfect for card making.  You can score projects up to 8 inches wide and the measurements across the top are 1/8 increments.  The bone folder has a spot so that it will lock onto the board (no searching for it on your messy table..not that I know anything about a messy craft table).  I tried to get pictures of the back but I couldn't get a close up but you can get the general idea by looking at the pictures I was able to get.  This board has an envelope maker on the back.  It also gives you measurements for
folding your standard card sizes.  It tells if your size is this, you should start with this size card, and then it tells you where to do the score lines. Your envelopes correspond with the sizes of cards you can make with this score board and the envelope measurements are also there so you know what size card stock to start with.  I purchased it at my local Archiver's and you can also find it on their website.  I haven't seen at my local Michael's store yet.  If you haven't purchased a scoring tool and want something to easy to transport this is perfect and it cost effective if that is something you are concerned about, at less than $11 on the
Archiver's website and you can use your Archiver's coupons in the store this tool is perfect if you are crafting on a budget.  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep calm and craft on.


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